In the Pro Life movement, we are called to do more than just tell a woman not to have an abortion.   Many times, it appears impossible for mothers to choose life for her child because of unstable housing situations.  We have heard over the years, how housing was a major factor in the regrettable choices women have made.  The Little Flower answers this call we have as Catholic Christians, by providing free housing to pregnant mothers in need.  Because the love of God is free, so is The Little Flower.  

Many seeds are planted and many miracles are happening in our home.  It is a tremendous gift that we are given to be able to serve the mothers that come to us.  Each mother arrives broken and alone and seeking the love of God.  We provide an experience here that can not be found in the secular shelters in the world.  It is a chance to experience the love, forgiveness and mercy of God.  

The Little Flower is not a government funded shelter, but rather a home and a community for pregnant mothers to come and to prepare to be a new mother.  It is a clean, safe, healthy, loving, and most importantly Christ filled environment.  To keep our doors open, we rely on divine providence through individuals and parishes to support this pro-life ministry.  Because of the generosity of our donors and supporters, many pregnant mothers have called The Little Flower their home.  Innocent precious babies’ lives have been saved because their mothers had the support and housing they needed to make a life-giving choice.            We are looking for Pro Life Advocates to join our team!

Have an encounter with Christ!  Join The Little Flower Maternity Home for a season of service!  Live in our Colorado home and directly assist us in serving mothers and babies.  Commitment is for 3-6 months.  Exact dates are flexible. Applicants must have a valid driver’s license and be at least 21 years of age at the time of service. Benefits include all room and board, use of a company vehicle, and a small monthly stipend. Responsibilities include living in community with pregnant mothers, new moms, newborns, and staff members; participating in community functions; providing daytime and overnight house coverage; and assisting with managing donations and house operations. Additional tasks at The Corporate Office as needed; including pregnancy testing and providing pro-life client advocate services.  Must be pro-life practicing Catholic in full communion with the Church. To start the application process, please email your resume and a letter of interest to:  This experience living among and serving the poor could change your life and direct your vocation!

Now offering FREE Pregnancy Tests at our corporate office! 

Please call (720) 609-2934 to schedule your FREE Test!