The Little Flower Maternity Home comes from the need to put our words into actions.  It is not enough to tell mothers to choose life for their unborn babies.  If we don’t act, it is impossible for her to even hear our words, when a woman is in a physical crisis.  If a mother is homeless, what choice does she really have?  If she cannot afford her public service bill, how can she hope to afford a child?  Many times women are forced into a choice they regret because of financial fear.  Or many times women are given an ultimatum by the person who provides the roof over her head.  Her boyfriend may say, “Make this choice or move out.”  Her parents may say, “If you don’t make the choice we want you to make, move out.”   The Little Flower Maternity home is a solution for mothers who wish to give life to their children, but are unsure how and scared of the future.

The Little Flower Maternity Home is a home where pregnant mothers over 18, can come and live free of charge from any point in their pregnancy until their baby is 6 months old.  The Little Flower is not a hand-out, but rather a hand-up to these homeless mothers in need.    Mothers at The Little Flower spend their time saving money and working towards self-sufficiency.  Staff members and Volunteers guide and encourage her on her way toward self-sufficiency.   This gives her the opportunity to focus on having a safe & healthy pregnancy and to set future goals for her baby and herself.  The Little Flower provides a safe, healthy and loving community environment.  Mothers can enter the next chapter of their lives, leaving behind unhealthy and unsafe behavior.  They are given the tools needed to make a fresh start in their lives.  Not only will the mothers give birth to their babies, but they will also give birth to their own “New” life.